Magnetic indicator into Imagink tells me some disrupters disturb the Slate

Imagink desktop app, since the release of the version 7, includes a magnetic indicator: this tool will inform you if there is any magnetic disruption into your environment that could cause any trouble to your Slate running.


The magnetic indicator shows you in real time the Slate environment at the top right corner of the application. 3 levels could define your magnetic environment:

  • favorable
  • unfavorable
  • critical


Then, if some disruptions could affect your Slate performance, a pop-up window will alert you about the problem and give the steps to fix it.



  1. I approach a magnetic item from the Slate (headphones, other iskn pen, metallic ruler,etc.).




2. I follow all the steps described in the pop-up to restablish good conditions, so:

- Put the magnetic object located by the indicator away from the Slate.

- Refresh the Slate by clicking on the button, if the disruption remains.


3. Imagink tells me the process has solved the trouble and I can keep drawing using the iskn pen or the Ring.



If the magnetic indicator still shows you there is some trouble, just follow the process into the pop-up.

In case of trouble, you can also contact us on our customer support thanks to this link.



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