Settings Menu

You can adjust the app parameters for your preferred usage through the Settings tab. 

Access the Settings from the app canvas by clicking on the icon with three bars at the left of the toolbar:


Settings menu: 


Choose the export resolution for JPG, PNG, and MP4 formats. 


Choose the replay time (in seconds) for the Playback feature

Tactile drawing

Switch on or off to use tactile input on the iPad screen while using the Slate


Switching on this feature allows the app to automatically delete stray marks as you begin to draw.

If you do not wish to erase any marks, do not switch this feature on.

Pen detection alert

Switch on this setting to receive alerts when your pen passes outside of the Slate’s detection zone.


Click on the Tutorial tab to reveal a series of quick how-to guides for using Slate and Imagink app features:

  • Positioning the paper correctly on the Slate
  • Adjusting the size and opacity of your brush
  • Creating color palettes
  • Using the airbrush
  • Using layers

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When you have finished adjusting the parameters, click the back arrow (<) at the top left of the parameter screen to go to the Imagink app canvas.


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