Drawing with Imagink

Positioning your paper

Place your notebook or a sheet of your favorite paper on the Slate.

Make sure that it is between the four area limit points: 



Setting your tool in Imagink

When your Slate is connected, the Imagink app will offer you a choice of paper or notebook when you go to the app canvas. Select the setting that corresponds to the medium you are using. 

If you wish to change this setting later, click the Layer icon to open the layer, paper and notebook settings.

Switch the notebook setting on if you are drawing on a notebook, or switch it off if you want to draw on paper:




If you’re using a sheet of paper, we recommend that you secure the paper with the iskn Clips before starting to draw. 

Drawing with the Pen or your own Ring-enhanced instrument

With your iskn Pen or Ring-enhanced drawing tool, start drawing on the paper or notebook.

As you approach the pen contact zone, the lower LED will shine white when your Pen or drawing instrument is detected: 


When drawing, make sure that your pen is at an angle of 20° or greater to the Slate's surface: 


As you start to draw, the upper LED will shine violet to indicate that your drawing is being digitized:

You’ll see your drawing appear in real time on the Imagink canvas.

If you need help learning to draw, we’ve created three easy, fun lessons to get you started with Slate drawing. Get them in the Tutorials section.

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