Step 4: Essential information for operating the Slate

Pen Detection 

With the Slate, you can write on a single sheet of paper or a notebook (up to 0.7 centimeters | 0.27 inch thick).

When the pen is detected near your sheet of paper or notebook, the front LED shines white. 

When you begin to draw, the front LED shines purple. It indicates that your penstrokes are being recorded.

In case of missing strokes or offset marks, you should verify if your environment does not contain any metal parts at less than 20 cm from the Slate. Be careful to not start the Slate with the iskn pen and the ring close to it, just approach your drawings tools after you turned it on to start your drawing.

To solve this kind of trouble, you can refresh your Slate following this troubleshooting article.


Setting the Ring

If you are using a Ring-enhanced tool, check to make sure that the Ring is properly positioned on your tool.
To set and calibrate the Ring on your own tool, you can watch this video tutorial.


Using a Notebook with the Slate 

If you are using a notebook, it's important that the paper sits flat on the Slate's surface. A notebook or drawing pad with a top-bound cover as the one included with inside the pack is ideal since it allows the paper to sit flat on the Slate.


Placing Your Paper or Notebook on the Slate 

For an optimal experience, make sure that your paper or notebook does not contain metal parts (spiral binding, etc.).

When you start drawing with the Slate, place the sheet of paper or notebook you are using on the Slate between the area limit points.

Do not move the sheet of paper or notebook while using the Slate. We advise you to use the clips included inside the Slate pack to hold your paper and improve your user comfort.


Using the Right Pen Angle

Tilt your pen at an angle greater than 20 degrees to the Slate’s surface while you are drawing.


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