The Ring is not properly detected on my Slate after putting it on my tool

To use the Ring on your own tool, you must set it rightly on your pen and then make the calibration step to ensure optimal performance. If not, you should meet some overflying strokes of offset marks troubles when using your Ring-enhanced tool.
             To position the Ring rightly on your own drawing tool:
  1. Squeeze the adapter of your choice (S or M) into a heart shape to insert it into the Ring.
  2. Slide the Ring onto a compatible drawing tool.
  3. Adjust the ring to be set to 4cm max ( inches) from the pen tip, by comparing with th iskn pen.
  4. Adjust the magnet so it is perpendicular to your pen/pencil.

              To calibrate the Ring:

  1. Press and hold the top right button of your Slate, a purple led will breathe.
  2. Place the tip of your pen at the center of the Slate then release the button.

You can now use your tool effectively with your Slate. Don't forget to renew the process each time you change your drawing tools.

You can also view this video on our tutorials sections : How to place and calibrate the Ring


If the Ring is correctly set, but you still have some troubles, you can also made a Slate refresh following this article.


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