My writing and drawing is not showing up completely in the app screen, or there are missing marks

There are several possible causes of incomplete or missing penstrokes in your drawings.

  • Making sure that the Slate is digitizing your drawing

First, verify that the Slate’s front LED shines purple while you are drawing. A purple LED signals that the Slate is digitizing your sketches and drawings.

If the front LED turns purple but the marks are not visible in the app, there may be a temporary Bluetooth or USB connection problem that you can solve by consulting this 2 articles about connecting your Slate to your iPad via Bluetooth or connecting the Slate to your computer via USB.

  • Making sure your magnetic environment is ok

Make sure that all magnetic objects are at least 8 inches or 20 centimeters away (other iskn pen or ring, magnets, headphones, etc...)
Be also very careful to not let the iskn pen or the ring near the Slate during the startup.

If you're using Imagink on your computer, the magnetic indicator will help you to detect any disrupter in your environment and how to fix it easily.

  • Refresh your Slate in case of trouble

If the problem persists, refresh the Slate by pressing and holding the two front buttons of the Slate until the front LED blinks red. Make sure that all magnetic objects, including the Pens and the Ring, are at least 08 inches or 20 centimeters away during the refresh. You will now be able to write on your paper or notebook. Be also careful to let away the iskn pen or the ring during this process.

  • Using a Ring-enhanced tool

Check that the Ring is properly positioned on your tool. To set and calibrate the Ring on your own tool, you can watch this video tutorial.

  • Type of notebook if you used one with the Slate

The Slate works with any sheet of paper or a notebook up to 0,28 inch | 7 millimeters thick. 

For the best possible experience when using a notebook, only use the iskn pen. Make sure that the notebook sits flat on the Slate and contains no metal parts.

A notebook or drawing pad with a top-bound cover (as included in the Slate pack) is ideal since it allows the paper to sit flat on the Slate. 


If you're still having troubles using your Slate, contact us on our customer support here.

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