How to calibrate the Ring after set it on my tool?

Since our 3.10.12 firmware version for the Slate 2, we introduce a new step to calibrate the Ring once you have put it on your own tool.

This new calibration step allows the Ring to be more precise according to its distance from the ballpoint, and it will increase your Slate experience using your own tool.


Once you put the Ring on your tool around 4cm (1,5 inches) following this article, you have to calibrate it as this :

  1. Press and hold the top button, a pink LED breathes.


2. Press the tip of your pen at the center of your Slate then release the button.


You can now use your tool effectively with your Slate. Don't forget to renew the operation each time you change your tool.

If you press and hold the the top right button without approaching your tool, the calibration will be set to the default setting, corresponding to the iskn pen.



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