Marks are appearing on the app screen even though I have not drawn anything.

Paper and notebook settings, as well as Ring position, are two possible causes of unwanted marks.

Paper and notebook settings

If you are seeing marks on the app screen despite not drawing anything, it is possible that you may have chosen the wrong paper or notebook setting when connecting your Slate to the Imagink app. 

The Slate allows you to draw on a single sheet of paper as well as a notebook up to 3/4 inch | 1.5 centimeters thick. 

For the moment, you must tell the Imagink app whether you are using a sheet of paper or a notebook. 

When you connect your Slate and go to the app canvas, you will be prompted to choose a sheet of paper or notebook. 

Choosing the improper support means that you may see marks appear on the screen when your pen or Ring-enhanced drawing tool approaches the Slate. 

Ring position

If you are using the proper support settings and are using a Ring-enhanced tool, check to make sure that the Ring is properly positioned on your tool. Deviations in Ring position may cause unwanted marks (see instructions for positioning the Ring here).


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