I am not seeing any of my marks in the Imagink app when using the Slate with my iPad.

Check the connection between your Slate and your iPad. When your Slate is connected to the Imagink app via Bluetooth, you should see a battery icon in the top left corner of the app canvas:

Make sure that your iskn Pen or Ring-enhanced drawing tool is detected by the Slate when it is at a distance of less than than 0.5 inches or 2 centimeters from the Slate surface: the lower LED should shine white and a cursor should appear on your iPad.

If this is not the case, refresh your Slate: place your iskn Pen or Ring-enhanced drawing instrument 10 inches or 20 centimeters away and press and hold the New Page button at the top of the Slate until the blue LED blinks red. You will once again be able to write on your paper or notebook.

If your Slate still doesn’t detect your pen after you have tried these steps, contact us by clicking on the Help icon at the bottom right of your screen. 

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