Charge your Slate 2 before using it for the first time

Your Slate may arrive with a drained battery. We recommend that you fully charge the Slate with the provided USB cable before using it.

Checking your battery level

The Slate’s battery charge is displayed in two places:

  • At the top left of the Imagink main screen
  • In the Slate tab of the Settings menu

Your Slate must be connected to Imagink via Bluetooth to show the battery charge.

Charging your battery

Your Slate may be turned on or off while it is charging.

Connect the Slate to a Mac or PC to charge it. Use the USB cable provided with your Slate, or with any standard USB cable. Do not plug the Slate directly into a wall outlet via a USB cable.




The side LED will blink orange while the Slate is charging.

It will shine orange continuously when the Slate is fully charged.

Unplug the Slate from the power source promptly after charging.

Charging your Slate's battery completely takes around 3 hours when the Slate is switched off and 4 hours when the Slate is on or in use.

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