Start your Slate 2 in optimal conditions

Here are some guidelines for using your Slate 2 in the best possible conditions:

General recommendations


  1. Remember to keep all other magnetic objects (headphones, magnets, metallic parts, etc.) at least 08 inches | 20 cm away from the Slate when you're using it.
  2. Don't forget to let away the iskn pen and the Ring from the Slate when you turn it on. Once you started it, you can draw using your drawing tools.
  3. Place your sheet of paper or notebook on the Slate’s writing surface. Attach single sheets of paper to the surface with the Clips for a better grip.
  4. If you are in Screenless mode, create a new page by pressing the New Page button (Top dot button) once. The front LED will blink white to indicate that a new page has been created.
  5. Once you have turned on your Slate, it is recommended that you not move it while writing and drawing.
  6. Use only one pen or Ring-enhanced drawing tool at a time.

Managing your battery

  1. Turn off your Slate if you do not intend to use it for several days.
  2. Do not leave your Slate uncharged for long periods of time. This can reduce the battery’s charge capacity.
  3. Keep your Slate at a temperature between -20°C and +35°C.


Tip for missing penstrokes: if you notice that your drawings or notes contain incomplete or missing marks, you can refresh the Slate by pressing and holding the two top front buttons until the front LED blinks red. You can know more details in this article.


Refreshing the Slate clears does not erase or alter your work.

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