Update your Slate on your desktop computer

When you're using the Slate with Imagink (or the Graphic Tablet mode Configurator) and your desktop is connected to the web, an update will be automatically proposed if your Slate hasn't the last firmware version. Just follow the steps shown on your screen.


If you want to check if your Slate is up-to-date:

  • If you didn't do it yet, download and install Imagink from our download page.
  • Open Imagink.
  • Plug your Slate to your computer thanks to your usb cable, and turn on your Slate by making a long push on the power button.
  • In the Imagink app, click on "Slate" at the menu bar.
  • Then, click on "Status".

A new window will appear with all the informations about your Slate. Click on the update button if your Slate needs it.

If you cannot update your Slate, please check your internet connection performance. Check also you're not using any firewal on your connection: deactivate it just for the update if it is.

If you still can't update your Slate with Imagink desktop, you should try to download and use this dedicated upgrader tool available here for:

Launch it and follow all the steps shown on your screen to connect and update your Slate.


The Slate firmware update is also available using the Graphic Tablet Configurator, by clicking on the Slate menu at the left and checking what's your firmware version.

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