Marks are appearing on the app screen even though I have not drawn anything.

The Slate allows you to draw on a single sheet of paper as well as a notebook up to 0,28 inch | 7 millimeters thick.
If you are seeing marks on the app screen despite you're not drawing anything, the main cause could be that your pen is detected over the Slate below 1,5 cm: so the Slate could believe you are using a notepad. The good practice is to lift up your drawing tool above 0,28 inch | 7 millimeters once you're not drawing on it.

If you are using a Ring-enhanced tool, check to make sure that the Ring is properly positioned on your tool. Deviations in Ring position may also cause unwanted marks. To set and calibrate the Ring on your own tool, you can watch this video tutorial. Don't forget the calibration step must be renew each time you change your drawing tool.

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